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Eligibility & One-time Sign-up Bonus
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150k - 500k

551 - 1100


500k - 1m

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1851 - Above


Deliverables for Sign-up rewards.

Active status terms to be completed in the first month.

4 Swipe up Stories per week tagging our Instagram handle

1 Static post with Xuppi logo on Instagram

1 Permanent link in bio on your Social Media

Minimum 15 hours of the Live Stream in a month with at least 30 minutes a day & 10 Static Images & 5 Videos (either paid or free) on your Xuppi profile

Terms and Conditions

1. Sign-up bonus rewards are paid in addition to the earnings made on the platform on Content sales & subscriptions including Live sales, Tips and other earnings.

2. It is mandatory for creators to complete all 4 deliverables to be eligible for the sign-up bonus reward.

3. A creator must complete at least 15 active days. One active day constitutes a minimum of 60 minutes in a day with each session of a minimum of 30 minutes.

4. A creator shall complete no. of live hours requirement as per level confirmed in a month.

5. Completion of Live hours and active days by the creator will be reviewed by the Xuppi team at the end of the month.

6. Any creator who successfully completes the deliverables under the sign-up bonus scheme is eligible to enrol and apply for the Super host program from their second month.

7. In case Xuppi’s review team is not satisfied with the creator’s deliverables, the sign-up bonus will not be rewarded.

8. A creator shall follow platform live streaming rules strictly, improve the content as per the company’s guidance, adhere to Terms & Conditions ( and Privacy policy ( as well community guidelines (, if the creator does not follow platform guidelines, above benefits will be withdrawn.

9. A creator shall attend/perform live stream sessions keeping the excitement and don’t let the audience get bored. Build a healthy community. If the platform finds any objectionable live streams or live broadcasting with no face or that the creator has asked a proxy to perform or if they use multiple IDs; the platform holds the right to deduct or withdraw the above-mentioned benefits.

10. All benefits will be paid out along with monthly regular payouts (however there may be a delay of a few days while our teams review your monthly performance).

11. All payouts are subject to deduction of any taxes required by the local governments and as per guidelines.

12. All benefits provided by the platform as mentioned above are subject to exclusive discretion and interpretation, all rights of such benefits remain with the platform.

13. The agency that is providing such a host will enjoy similar benefits which need to be confirmed by Xuppi Team.

14. All creators will be assigned a relationship manager from the platform.